Parent Ad Guidelines

  • •Do not cut, tape or glue photos.
  • •If you choose a color ad, please keep in mind that poor color photos will not reproduce well.
  • •Care will be taken to return photos; however, copies of prints should be submitted for irreplaceable photos. The school, yearbook staff or Lowcountry Yearbook Solutions does not take responsibility for lost or damaged photos.
  • •Select vertical (tall) photos for vertical spaces and horizontal (wide) photos for horizontal spaces.
  • •Photos will be scanned and enlarged or reduced to fit the layout.
  • •If you wish to have your photos returned, you must provide a stamped, pre-addressed envelope with enough postage to guarantee delivery.
  • •Writing lightly in pencil, number the back of photos to match the numbers on the design you selected.

NOTE: The yearbook staff and Lowcountry Yearbook Solutions reserve the right to reject photos or text or ask the customer to make changes to conform to the staff’s standards. The content of the ads and the ad copy must be appropriate for a school publication and must not violate copyright laws.

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